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Gentle Baby Nasal Aspirator

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Little babies do not have the ability to blow their nose, while a cold or a stuffy nose is always around the corner.

As a parent we know it can be scary if your baby gets sick, especially nasal congestion! We've got the perfect solution!

Our Newly Designed Baby Nasal Aspirator is the best. It helps suck out mucus and boogies fast and easy, it's multi-level suction helps to remove even the toughest boogers, which makes it ideal for parents and awesome for babies.

This tool is a must-have for any nursery. It safely and effectively suctions the mucus out of your baby's nose.

Safe & Powerful: Safe for newborns, infants & toddlers. Provides a unique gentle & continuous suction.

Automatic: Safely opens up your little one's congested nasal passages without the hassle of manual pumps or syringes.

Ergonomic Design:Made of soft food grade silicone & BPA free materials making it more effective in relieving your baby's clogged nose.

Anti-reflow: Designed specifically to prevent mucus from flowing back into the nasal cavity.

Multi Levels:Choose from 5 levels of suction to meet your baby or toddlers needs. Simply press the control button to choose.

Gentle Tips: 2 soft, food grade silicone heads to use on your babies and toddlers. The perfect device for kids of all ages. There's no need to buy new filters or heads.


Question: What size batteries does the product take?

Answer: Great question! Fortunately, our product doesn't use batteries. It comes equipped with a USB charging port.

Question: Is the aspirator noisy?

Answer: No! Our product is very quiet and won't startle your baby.

Question: How do you clean the aspirator?

Answer: Simply disassemble the aspirator and hold the parts under running water. DO NOT PUT THE MOTOR UNDER RUNNING WATER. Dry, and reassemble. easy!

✓ Material: Silicone with BPA Free
✓ Package Size: 12 * 4.5 * 21CM / 4.7" x 1.7" x 8.2"
✓ Package Weight: 0.5Kg / 11lbs
✓ Battery: Built in rechargeable battery
✓ Age: New born to 8 years old
✓ Motor is not waterproof

— 1 X Gentle Baby Nasal Aspirator


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5 reviews

Keith Wellington

Verified purchase

I love that this product arrived so nicely packaged. My wife and I both use this on the baby and find it very easy to operate.


Saskia Davis

Verified purchase

What a great device to have! I just had my first baby 2 months ago and this Nasal aspirator has been a blessing! I love that I can help clear up my sweet baby's stuffy nose.


Misty Mathers

Verified purchase

My mother-in-law gave me this product as a gift for my baby shower. at first, I was scared to use it. However, it proved to be a necessary device for my newborn. No more stuffed up nose!


Curtis McBride

Verified purchase

I got this tool for my wife because she was very concerned that our newborn was dealing wit a stuffed up nose. I didn't think he was but after she pulled out a bunch of mucus from his nasal passages with this product, i was a believer.


Callie Martin

Verified purchase

My little boy is 2 years old and he has very bad allergies. My husband and I feel like we are always chasing him around with a tissue. The Nasal aspirator has made a significant difference in how often his nose runs. Great product!